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favorite fonts

[livejournal.com profile] anakins7 asked me the names of some of the fonts I use in my graphics. She inspired me to make a list of my favorite fonts. Also a personal list for me to keep track of the fonts, just in case I ever lose them =) Feel free to look under the cut to see what kinds of fonts I mostly use.

favorite fonts

» moody boys

I don’t use this font that often, but I think it’s a great font for headers and wallpapers. It’s elegant and perky.

download link

» folks

Probably the font I use the most. I just love it. It works perfectly for icons and everything else, really.

download link

» apple garamond

You'll have to play with this one a little. I personally use it mostly in bold italic.

download link

» coolvetica

Another one I use very often, especially on wallpapers. A clean and neat look.

download link

» cooper

Great retro font.

download link

» the pea family

I love these fonts. I highly recommend THIS amazing website with loads of more awesome & cute fonts.

download link : pea bandit
download link : pea ashlee
download link : pea jessi
download link : pea roni script

» bebas

I've recently started to use this font more. It looks great on icons and in combination with other fonts.

download link

» decker

Decker reminds me of Century Gothic, only Decker is way better. I used this font a lot when I first started making icons.

download link

» pharmacy

Lovely font and perfect for elegant text icons.

download link

» pupcat

download link

Bonus for Ana

» will&grace

download link

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