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Kim ([personal profile] highdreams) wrote2010-06-02 08:54 pm

♬ disappointment has a name; it's heartbreak warfare

I was supposed to be at a John Mayer concert tonight. It'd would have started right about now, I guess. But it got cancelled, because John is apparently very sick. :( I heard the news this morning when I woke up and I was really disappointed. I already got my chance in January, though, so I'm really happy that I got to experience that. But I know that for a lot of other fans this was the first time they'd see John live. Not John's fault, obviously, but dang, I had looked really forward to it. Hope it's nothing too serious.

He looked very sick when he was here in the weekend @ PinkPop, a very large festival in the south of the Netherlands. They aired some performances on tv and he looked like crap. Very exhausted, voice strained, small eyes and just lacking energy. I guess he was already sick then :(.

Poor bb. Feel better soon!

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