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Kim ([personal profile] highdreams) wrote2010-07-07 01:07 am

Viva Hollandia!


I can not believe it. We made it to the fucking world cup final.

First off, this man is awesome. Always keeping his cool, almost stoic at times but I love him for that. He's only truly satisfied when his guys bring out their best and will scold them if they don't. His goal for this tournament was simple: win the world cup. Not going to see how far we could get, but just really simply getting the job done and winning this thing.

I love you, Bert van Marwijk. I loved you when you coached Feyenoord all those years back, when you and the boys won the UEFA cup in 2002 and I love you now. You really made this team a TEAM. A tight group of friends who are not playing or working for themselves but for each other. They are doing this together and it's beautiful.

On the left, our crown prince Willem-Alexander and his wife Maxima. She's awesome. <3 On the right, Giovanni van Bronckhorst right after he made the 1-0.

\o/ More Giovanni, because he's incredible. Next week - the final - will be his last game ever. After that, he'll retire. The Netherlands and Feyenoord will miss him. :( I'm so glad he got to score, though. No one deserved it more than he did.

Ouch. I cringed when I saw that. That must have hurt like a son of a bitch. Demy de Zeeuw is now at the hospital to see if his jaw and teeth are still in tact. Jesus Christ.
Arjan Robben, after the third goal for Holland. <3 Never really liked him before the world cup, but he's one of my heroes now, lol.

AAAAH, WE DID IT. Time for a PARTYYYYYY. Dirk Kuyt and Mark van Bommel are my favorites, so this picture warms my heart. ♥___♥

Bert van Marwijk, losing his cool and celebrates with the guys.

from cnn:

Dutch coach Bert van Marwijk was proud of his team, who have won all six matches in the finals, the best record of any side.

"It's amazing that we have managed to do this. It's been 32 years (that the Netherlands last played in a final). It is unbelievable. We can be very proud for such a small country," he told AFP.

This will be our third world cup final. Let's hope this time we'll win. I'm secretly hoping for a Germany - Holland final; it would be such sweet revenge for '74.

Gah. This is such a beautiful moment I could cry.

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