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After rain comes sunshine.

^^ Ain't that the truth.

» Our boys came home depressed. That's what they said anyway and could you blame them? We were still drowning in sorrow as well. But we still wanted to thank them for the joy they brought us the past few weeks. So last Tuesday, Amsterdam became the place to be. The guys first went to the Queen, where Bert van Marwijk (the coach) and Giovanni van Bronckhorst got knighted. Then it was time for a boat tour through the Canals of Amsterdam. And boy, you could see they were not up for that. What they absolutely did not expect is that there'd be so many people to cheer for them and thank them. You could see their faces lighten up more and more as things progressed and got even more crazy. There were over 700.000 people in Amsterdam that day. For them. And they didn't even win! I watched with tears in my eyes at times; the boys were just so surprised and happy (even I had calmed down and only could feel pride. Not only for the boys, but also for my country. To do this for them just filled me with me happiness and pride. It was so beautiful to see).

Giovanni van Bronckhorst: "We may not have won the world cup, but the Dutch people are certainly champions." \o/ Amen, Gio. :P

Arjen Robben: "This is crazy! Thank you :D :D" Seriously, his smile was splitting his face in two that day. Everytime we saw Robben on tv, he had this big loving grin on his face. It was lovely ♥

» Everybody go and join [livejournal.com profile] claire_kay's awesome new graphics community [livejournal.com profile] palejewels. She's a wonderful iconmaker and I'm so happy I can call her my friend ♥

» Watching Band of Brothers again, with my mom this time. She's just as taken with it as I am. I love the characters and actors more and more each time I watch an episode. Lipton (who is really Donnie Wahlberg (NKOTB) and omg did I squeeee and facepalm when I discovered that. I thought he had a familiar face when I first watched the series, but did not really recognize him as one of my childhood heroes, lol) is one of my favorites. Along with Speirs, who's such a BAMF (and omg the actor who plays him is so gorgeous ♥) but a real good leader. And Doc Roe with his sexy voice. And I could go on and on. Did I mention I just really love the series? I hate that there's not really a fandom for it, though. It seems to have died down. That's what you get, for being 10 years late. fghklhglwg;gq;.

» Going to school tomorrow to get my classroom ready for the new schoolyear. There's a lot to do, since I moved with all my stuff to another classroom and I don't think I'll get everything done tomorrow. But I wanted to make a start, cause I KNOW that I'll be bitching and moaning about the new schoolyear starting in my last week of vacation :P

» Off to bed now. Have a good evening, bb's. <3

[identity profile] carameltrap.livejournal.com 2010-07-17 01:58 am (UTC)(link)
Is that Dirk and Wes? Baww, so adorable! I wished van der Sar was still playing for the Dutch NT but alas, he's too old. Looking at the pictures just made me smile because they deserved it, for making it, even though they got runner up. :D

How can you not know that was Donnie Walhberg? lol XD There is a community for it but there doesn't seem to anything much. The only active comm for BoB is the icon comm. :/ Better late than to have never discovered BoB. I love Doc Roe and Winters and Skip Muck (whom I cried over) and Luz. And not forgetting Harry Welsh who used the bazooka to blow up the German tank. <3

Um, I'll just stop babbling about BoB now.

[identity profile] highdreams.livejournal.com 2010-07-18 07:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Yep, that's Dirk & Wes! :D Oh, I know right? Van der Sar is a legend here and we all missed him so much. I was very sceptic of Stekelenburg, who took Van der Sar's place, but he did surprisingly well.
I was glued to the screen that day; it was so much fun seeing the boys having so much fun. Especially since they all looked so sad and meh, is this really necessary? that morning.

LOL, I KNOW! I slapped myself when I found out. I've watched his episode so many times now I lost count. It really is one of my favorite episodes. And the scene in the church with Speirs just kills me everytime. (Speirs kills me anyway, but in a good way. Funny thing is, Matthew Setlle does nothing for me. It's really the character that's making me go guhillrt; hotass.) Lip just looked so earnest and really had no idea how much he meant to the men. <3

Luz is hilarious; his imitations were indeed spot-on and his smile is so adorable. <3

Skip Muck. :( I cried, too. I'm almost finished with Don Malarkey's book and in it he mentions Richard Speight Jr. and what a splendid job he did with portraying his best friend Skip.

I didn't really notice or care for Harry Welsh the first time I watched the series, but after reading the books and communities on the internets I really started to love him. That scene in 'Points' where he's drunk and Winters kind of slaps his face always makes me giggle. (Not to mention that Speirs looks so wasted and again, kills me with his face.) It's my favorite scene ever.


[identity profile] selu.livejournal.com 2010-07-17 05:15 pm (UTC)(link)
OH I LOVE IT! -sniff-

Thanks for the new comm rec! I love her work so joining now.

[identity profile] highdreams.livejournal.com 2010-07-18 07:06 pm (UTC)(link)

You're welcome! She's really awesome and I'm so happy you joined! :D

[identity profile] claire-kay.livejournal.com 2010-07-21 11:52 am (UTC)(link)
<333 ilu Kim!
thank you for pimping out my comm!
you know it means so much to me <333