07 June 2010 @ 09:11 pm
» i kind of want to change my default icon to the one i'm currently using in this post. i love it so much. but then i have to say goodbye to rik and omg, can't do that. such difficult decisions to make. about icons. life is SO hard. D:

» the only times i ever use caps are when i write things for my work and here on lj. but i'm lazy now and don't want to touch the shift key today. so no caps this time. sorry.

» work is kicking my ass. only 4 more weeks to go until summerbreak. but damn, i get dizzy when i think about what i still have to do. it's crazy busy and i'm stressing out big time. and to top that, i got 4 new kids the past two weeks and they all need to learn the rules. generally they're very sweet (4 years old and still so innocent and sweet) but they're sucking all my energy up.

» can someone tell me why i am so attracted to this dork? with his stupid glasses and smile. and why is this my favorite picture of him?

not a big fan of their newest song, LA baby, by the way. and i almost always skip nick's vesper's goodbye, cause it makes me cry. but it's a beautiful song &hearts
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18 April 2010 @ 09:37 pm
So, does anyone want to follow me on Twitter? I'm finally giving it a try and it's been fun so far, but I don't have much people to talk to yet :P I'm highdreams on there.

Adam is #10 in the Dutch top 40! \o/

This band The Baseballs (they're from Germany) is making AWESOME covers from current songs. In a very Elvis kind of way. Currently they have a monster hit in Europe with Umbrella, originally Rihanna's song.

Seriously, give it a try. It's really catchy and amazingly done!

They also did Hot N Cold, Bleeding Love & Pokerface

Icon meme stolen from [ profile] micheleeeex

01. How do you feel right now?

I’m a bit bored, but overall I’m feeling pretty good :D

the rest under here )
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[ profile] ontd_ai is doing a dollardrive for Idol Gives Back. I'm offering icons for $1 each. or HERE.

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03 April 2010 @ 01:10 am
w00t! I finally sat down tonight and started practising making animated icons. And I freaking did it! :DDDD

I'm so happy, lol. IDK, I've wanted to learn how to do this so badly for a long time and I finally found the perfect tutorial @ [ profile] paper_chaser that taught me mostly everything. Once I figured it out, it was surprisingly easy. You were right, [ profile] princess_narnia! :P


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I started making this post about a week ago. I was editing some entries at [ profile] mellow_lights and cringed when I saw some of the icons I've made. So I thought, lets reflect and make a list of your best (or rather favorite) and worst icons of your favorite fandoms. Which are Kradam & SPN. This list is mostly for personal use so I can look back and remind myself to never revisit some 'techniques' or to get inspiration when I get stuck. But feel free to click on the cut and see what I've got to say about my own icons.

favorite & worst icons )
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23 October 2009 @ 12:23 am

Hi guys!

I finally decided to make a graphics journal; [ profile] mellow_lights. This is just to keep my personal journal organized =)

From now on, I'll post all my icons and other graphics there. I hope you will JOIN or WATCH the comm! See you there!

JOIN | WATCH [ profile] mellow_lights
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21 August 2009 @ 02:18 pm

Request icons, headers, wallpapers or friends only banners here. :) Any and all fandoms!


This requests post will close on Sunday August 30th– I'll post your request in this post once I'm finished with it =)

Please provide:
• HQ or MQ pictures.
• The sizes for the headers, wallpapers and FO banners.
• If you want text added, what it should say?
• If you’d like specific colors to match your layout, what colors would that be?