25 July 2010 @ 07:15 pm
Happy birthday, [ profile] chavelaprincess! Hope you have a lovely day, my dear.

» My physiotherapist is the best. While he did hurt me last friday, my pain has completely disappeared. My back is a little stiff, but that's all. I'M PAIN FREE, YAY! \o/

» I thought my Joe crush was over, but then I saw these pictures yesterday. I mean, look at him. He's the prettiest and most adorable ever. ♥
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07 June 2010 @ 09:11 pm
» i kind of want to change my default icon to the one i'm currently using in this post. i love it so much. but then i have to say goodbye to rik and omg, can't do that. such difficult decisions to make. about icons. life is SO hard. D:

» the only times i ever use caps are when i write things for my work and here on lj. but i'm lazy now and don't want to touch the shift key today. so no caps this time. sorry.

» work is kicking my ass. only 4 more weeks to go until summerbreak. but damn, i get dizzy when i think about what i still have to do. it's crazy busy and i'm stressing out big time. and to top that, i got 4 new kids the past two weeks and they all need to learn the rules. generally they're very sweet (4 years old and still so innocent and sweet) but they're sucking all my energy up.

» can someone tell me why i am so attracted to this dork? with his stupid glasses and smile. and why is this my favorite picture of him?

not a big fan of their newest song, LA baby, by the way. and i almost always skip nick's vesper's goodbye, cause it makes me cry. but it's a beautiful song &hearts
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Radio 538 - article about Adam - in Dutch.

I translated this quickly, so please ignore any typos or grammar mistakes :P

28 year old Adam is one in the catoregy multi-talent. He can not only sing and dance, but he’s also done well as an actor in various musicals. But still Adam decided to really go for the music industry. He auditioned for season eight of American Idol and got as far as the finale. The eccentric Adam, who is known to not leave the door without eyeliner (he himself calls it the guyliner) is making lots of trouble in prudish America. He’s totally gay and is very open about that fact. So open that Adam, in front of millions of people, grabbed one of his dancers by the balls during the American Music Awards 2009 and also even french kissed his keyboardist. Now it’s time for the Netherlands to get to know this glamrocker. With his second single of his debut album For You Entertainment he wants to rock the whole world. The single, Whataya Want From Me, was written by Pink and it was originally for her album Funthouse. It didn’t make the cut though, so Adam could have it. Good for him, cause it’s a jewel! You can hear the track the whole week as ‘Alarmschijf’ on Radio 538.

Apparently, this has been on Radio 538’s website the whole week and I didn’t see it until now. I squeeeee’d when I read this little piece! I just can’t believe that he’s really breaking through here. That we can listen to him on the freakin’ radio and see his clip on MTV & TMF. So surreal. I don’t think it happened this fast with any other previous AI contestants.

He's also number 1 in the Tipparade! Not long until he'll officialy make it in the Top 40. Which is like the Billboards in the Netherlands. :D

I'm loving Train's new CD Save Me, San Francisco. I was a huge fan of the band back in 2001 and their first CD came out. After that, I kind of lost interest (didn't like their other CD's) but they're totally back on track now <333.

How cute are Joe and Demi? ♥ From best friends to something more. Awwwwww!

How excited am I to see this?

I just love this band more and more every day. I love Kevin's voice and stupid face. He's so presh. Joe and Nick are looking mighty fine in the vid, tho ♥__♥

This has me lolling so hard, you guys. Oh Kris (& Adam!) :'D
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