14 May 2010 @ 04:27 pm
Uuuuh. Just saw SPN’s finale (didn’t stay up cause I was dead tired around 1am and couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore).

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» SPN tonight! Aaah. I'm going to try and stay up tonight (show will air at 3am my time) and see the show on a livestream somewhere. But I'm so tired that I don't think I'll make it :P

» I'm a Donald Duck fan. A HUGE FAN. I've got one bookshelf full of DD magazines, pockets and albums and that's not even half of what I own. What I'm most proud of is my pocket collection which is complete! 173 issues :D In the Netherlands, the Donald Duck is a weekly magazine and has been since 1952. Already there are over 3000 magazines made and I want to have them ALL.

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So far I have 15 years complete (still 43 years to go, but that's the fun in collecting stuff).

» ICON MEME time!

1. Reply to this post and I will pick six of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons chosen.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!

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credit: [ profile] highdreams

This is Rik van de Westelaken, for those who didn't know yet and were wondering who that mysterious man in my default icon is. Rik is a Dutch newsreader (one of the best we currently have IMO) and is just GORGEOUS. Whenever he presents the news to me I get all flaily. He was in a gay magazine last year in which he interviewed another Dutch gay celeb and that's were the pic is from. The original scan is here. My crush on this guy is HUGE. I've attempted several times to change my default pic, but I just can't bring myself to.

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07 May 2010 @ 11:57 pm
» I got a haircut today. And for once I'm pretty happy about it. :D

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» I love Kris Allen. And I'm so happy that there are finally some new pictures of him lately. I missed him. Just look at his adorable cute little face.

Oh, and his duet with Allison is amazing. I've listened to it so many times, it's ridiculous. ♥

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02 May 2010 @ 07:06 pm
» Adam will be on X De Leeuw tonight. An incredibly stupid show, but hosted by one of the most populair hosts ever. Paul de Leeuw is his name. He's batshit crazy - you either like him or you don't. I happen to ♥ him.

He's gay and married with two kids. Here's an interview with Robbie Williams a couple of years ago. It's hilarious and fun. I love the moment at 1:55.

R: "Is he a handsome guy?"
P: "Yes."
R: "I bet he is *wink*"

Jim Bakkum will be there too. Ironically, he was the runner-up of season 2 of Dutch Idols. And SO HAWT. Jim tweeted a pic of the two of 'em together:

Eeeps, looking forward to this sfm. I just hope that Paul didn't scare Adam too much, lol. :'D

» There's fireworks going off in my neighborhood. The reason why is funny though. Feyenoord (football team from Rotterdam, my home city) and Ajax (from Amsterdam) have been big RIVALS for forever. The fans HATE each other. Ajax could have won the championship today, but they didn't - FC Twente is champion instead. And we Rotterdammers are so happy about the fact that Ajax didn't win that we're celebrating it. IT'S CRAZY, BUT I LOVE IT :'D

» CROWLEY. I ♥ HIM. <3333 One of my favorite SPN characters ever. I laughed my ass off at almost everything he did. Even when he tricked Dean into having that convo with Brady. He's still such a demon and so mean. I love it. I hope he'll be around for a while, but I don't think he will.

Oh look, an icon of the "They ate my tailor!" moment:

I hope to have the rest of the batch ready sometime tonight. :D

» I still need to watch the latest 2 episodes of Glee D: And don't get me started on AI. I haven't watched that in 4 weeks - I've given up on trying to like it. Not going to happen, so why watch something I'm not even remotely interested in? :P
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I started making this post about a week ago. I was editing some entries at [ profile] mellow_lights and cringed when I saw some of the icons I've made. So I thought, lets reflect and make a list of your best (or rather favorite) and worst icons of your favorite fandoms. Which are Kradam & SPN. This list is mostly for personal use so I can look back and remind myself to never revisit some 'techniques' or to get inspiration when I get stuck. But feel free to click on the cut and see what I've got to say about my own icons.

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