05 September 2010 @ 03:27 pm
» I had heard of Dreamwidth, but never had interest. Until I made the header for [community profile] kradamadness. Everything looked so clean and neat and I just loved it. So I scored a code and created an account. Never did anything with it and mostly forgot about the site. But as many of you know, LJ decided to be an asshat. I do not appreciate that I have no say over my privacy. So I just pimped my DW account (with the same layout as I have here) and imported all of my entries and comments. I'm not leaving LJ, because I love my friends and communities too much. And I've invested too much time into the site to abandon it. But having a back-up DW account is a comforting thought. And at least that way I can keep in touch with friends who did leave LJ and went to DW.

If you have DW as well, I'm here. Add me? :D
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